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Below are links to products we use on adventures or in daily life that have been featured in Blog posts or Social Media.

Our ABNB in Denmark was equipped with this machine. We now have two of them.

Nespresso Essenza espresso mashine

My morning go to is a 2 X Double which makes a normal size cup of coffee. This is two pods at the double setting.

My night time go to is a 2 X Double Decaf which makes a normal size cup of coffee. This is two pods at the double setting.

Introduced to these while visitng our daughter in Idaho. They’ve been a car snack staple ever since. Our favorites are the Sweet and Sour: Grapefruit, Lemon Watermelon.

This shaker was a game changer for our cocktail life. You can mix up to 5 cocktails in one batch. The screw on top is measured up to 6 ounces and doubles as a strainer. It’s also insulated so great for keeping drinks cold on the go..

These bags are an organizational life saver. I use them for so much stuff: GoPro accessories, charger cords, snack bag in a larger backpack … etc. It’s crazy how often I use these.

I use these constantly to strap things to my roof. Surfboards and SUPS were my intended use but ladders, landscaping brush, mattresses, etc. They are so quick and easy to lash down whatever you need to transport I think everyone should have at least 4 in all their vehicles. Put them right in a mesh bag (see above)

This floating time release hot tub chlorine dispenser is a life saver. It makes managing the hot tub water quality a breeze. Cartridges last about a month and you just swap out the old with the new and your good for another month.

Don’t leave home without a set of these if you’re hiking or driving. We keep a set in the car, the boat and with us when we hike. Small, powerful and durable they’re great for watching animals and finding your way.

I live in these crazy comfortable Crocs fall, winter and spring. Great as slippers but with the insulation and the lower drain holes removed they rock as everyday footwear. For when your flip flops don’t quite fly.

Call me lazy but this little sponge can make you ready to hit the town in two shakes. I buff all my brown leather shoes into clean and presentable condition in under 5 minutes with this handy self-contained sponge. They last a surprisingly long time too.

If you read my blog post about our Covid project restoring a pontoon boat and creating the Happy Hour then you might recognize these tiki torches. We’ve had them mounted on each of the four corners of the vessel for three full years and they still burn in solar glory every night. (unless it was a rainy cloudy day). Highly recommend.

3 Cushion Couch Cover
2 Cushion Couch Cover
L’Oreal Mascara
GNC Creatine
Garden Hose Valve
BC hoodie
Booty Bands
Water Filter
Ice Machine Cleaner
Google Nest Outdoor/Indoor Battery Camera 3 Pack
Google Nest Camera with Floodlights