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Campsite Cocktails

Welcome to Campsite Cocktails where crafting delicious drinks meets the love of the great outdoors. That may be at the beach, the campsite, the boat or your own backyard. Most refer to this time as “Après.”

We’ll share our favorite recipes and invite you to do the same and together we’ll raise a glass to our adventures of today and tomorrow.

Why Campsite Cocktails?

After helping to launch a Rum brand, (Rumson’s Rum,) I found myself frequently creating rum cocktails for all kinds of events … sailing regattas, concerts, golf outings, SUP races, etc. I even won a couple cocktail contests. My interest in spirits grew from rum to include whiskey and tequila. Sorry, still not a vodka or gin guy.

I’ve also always been a believer that the “Après” experience is integral to the adventure. Enjoying a beverage with your crew in celebration of a shared outdoor adventure is a bonding ritual. It may just be a quiet drink around a campfire or on a tailgate, but wherever it is, it should be a quality drink.

Join us as we share our favorites and discover new concoctions while we celebrate the Après at Campsite Cocktails.

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Stuff We Love

in this column you may find products that we’ve used in our adventures and found to be particularly useful, fun, delicious or otherwise desirable. We will always disclose if a commission would be earned if you chose to order based on our link.

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