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The Goods

The Spirited Adventurer Shop is open on Etsy and you can preview some of our favorite items here. I love logos, don’t you? Particularly logos that tell a story and evoke imagination. But they need to be simple and clear. A great logo, in my opinion, can stand alone and be cool separate from its brand association. I wanted this for the Spirited Adventurer logo known as “The Great Teton Shark.” Each element has separate deeper meanings to me but here are what the primary features are meant to represent:

Great White Shark: symbolizes the thrill of exploration and the untamed spirit.
Teton Mountains: inspire awe and fuel a passion for conquering new challenges.
Nantucket Island: invites contemplation of possibility within our world, all connected by water and oceans.

Spirited Adventurer logo
Great White Shark, Teton Mountains, Nantucket Island

We wanted to share the “Great Teton Shark” with the world so we’ve created a Spirited Adventurer Etsy Shop: Click the items below: